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November 21, 2017

The value of the word value has no value

Save what each individual interprets it as

Not even worth the paper it’s printed on

Peel off the screen, trade for a plug nickel

Add the word family and what do you get

Charles Manson had family values, right

I value my family as they make me valued

If you value something you keep it safe

Just not in a safe where it can’t be valued

Value meals w/low nutrition = poor value

Time is valuable if you value your time

Time does not exist ergo has no value

Currency’s value can not buy happiness

Yet the value of happiness is incalculable

Less of something the more it has value

Uranium has value if it hurts or helps

The cliché says that crime does not pay

Yet it does add value to the economy

Making it a strange thing to value by

Adding surveillance, police and prisons

Impeding evolution hindering its value

From → Paradox, random

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