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It’s Archeo-logical

January 1, 2018

You dig


Digging deep

For a lost divinity

The spark of God

Buried under layers

Of sarcasm


And apathy

Like a

Lost ancient

Bejeweled city

In the desert

The first layers

Can be excavated

With a backhoe

The second

A shovel

On to a trowel

Then a scoop

A spoon

A pencil

A brush

And finally

A qtip

To unearth

The diamond inside

Made harder and

More brilliant

From the

Subsequent pressure

Under all the

Layers of



Jokes and

Inhuman stoicism

To be washed

Polished and shined

To a radiant



White light

And luminous

Rainbows of color


You Dig


Methinks, am at the trowel stage.
Must keep digging.


An excerpt from


“Grand Designs”

So much poison in power
The principles get left out
So much mind on the matter
The spirit gets forgotten about 
Like a righteous inspiration 
Overlooked in haste 
Like a teardrop in the Ocean 
A diamond in the waste 
Some world-views are spacious 
And some are merely spaced

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