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A Permanent Marker

January 8, 2018


A mistake made

A human being

A being human

A consensual event

A difference age

A slight one

A doctor visited

A fetus begun

An inquiry made

A decision stayed

A child born

A hospital followed

A rule placed

A responsibility accepted

A report filed

A state involved

A law broken

A felony convicted

A record permanent

A fine paid

A time served

A lesson learned

A support fulfilled

A new beginning

A job worked

A family wed

A unit happy

A time passes

A ‘nother added

A house larger

A vehicle newer

A grown up

A dad best

A filling nest

A construction worker

A desired change

A job opens

A second one

A betterment looms

A chance taken

A complete application

A box checked

A position qualified

A selection many

A manager accepts

A vouch backed

A character good

A worker ready

A process started

A urine sampled

A system clean

A background checked

A needed explanation

A corporation rule

An understandable tool

A vacancy remains

An albatross hangs

A neck strains

A person dismissed

A feeling bad

A system mad

A door closed

An all because

A blanket covered

A wide category

A stigma placed

An aspiration downed

A society failed

A tear dried

A struggle continues

A ‘gainst

A Permanent Marker


It occurred to me to send this to the employer regarding the applicant.   Thinking I’d written something so moving and powerful of a poetic argument in favor of breaking the corporate rules to give the guy a chance.

Then it simultaneously dawned on me, what if he does get the job, because of this and gets hurt, then is no longer able to provide at all for his family.

What an awful mea culpa. When I remembered the Doug Stanhope quote.

“Poems are like children, they are beautiful to their creator. To the rest of us, they are silly and annoying.”

So, yeah, never sent it.

More so to the point, am aware, that no sound of thunder clapped and do not have the Ray Bradbury / Ashton Kutcher insight as to how the effect that butterfly would have flapped it’s wings.

Or, to the Einstein theory, all outcomes are all occurring simultaneously anyway.



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