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January 11, 2018

Increasingly hear ads on the radio for video door bells and motion detector cameras so you can monitor your property. Case a “burglar” shows up.

Shouldn’t it be just as much of a crime to use fear inducing dialogue, ominous music, vivid imagery and malevolent manipulation to stir your reptilian primal base instincts. Frightening you into purchasing shit you don’t need. A bad burglary from a different direction.

Can’t do that……… that would fuck up the economy.

Do you have a family?  No duh!

If you are here, you have a family.

Do you want to protect them?

Again,  No duh!

Purposeful poignant perfectly placed questions to elicit positive responses to hook you in to the powerful pitch.

A camera is not going to protect anyone. The only thing it is going to protect is the bottom line of the corporations selling those devices. Wasting away the world’s resources and wretched wasted wotk.

How about developing and nurturing your innate intuition to sense the security and safety of your loved ones to tell them telepathically “danger” is “lurking”. Or simply send sanguine serenity signals

Can’t do that………..that would fuck up the economy.

It must not occur to anyone, that if you can monitor from anywhere, what is going on at your house, someone else can too.

Simply the wrong let it be their idea, idea.

Ever wonder how the totalitarian state in 1984 was able to get all those telescreens and surveillance cameras in everybody’s flats.

(Granted, it was just a book.)

Easy, they first convinced the proletariats to put them in themselves under the guise of “safety and security”.

Not sure if George Orwell’s book was as much a dystopian novel or an outline of what to expect.

How much longer till you, Mr. Winston Smith will be being instructed to touch your toes by the telescreen instructor? Before slugging down your Victory Gin to make it through your monitored morning?

Always wondering how humanity has the moth like ability to be drawn to the buglight knowing its zapped outcome.


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