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Ends Justifying Means

February 2, 2018

Am all for the dismantling

Of the “Rule of Law”

To be replaced with

The code of compassion

And the custom of kindness

Given the fiat for friendliness

Propped up and supported

By the rule of sharing

Which of course is riddled

With as much idealism as

John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Should it paradigm shift

In that direction of peace

We could relax for a moment

On that evolutionary plateau

Before ascending even higher

However it appears as such

That the alleged leader is

Going to first flog the FBI

Dismantle the D O J

Circumvent the CIA

Malign the mainstream media

Impugn innocent immigrants

Ostracize old opponents

Put down past presidents

Waste work on a worthless wall

Oops veered off of the topic

A professional writer would

Have taken the non sequiturs out

Good thing I aren’t one of those

Bringing it back to pontificating

That the end justifies the means

By engaging in pathological perjury

Diabolical deceptive distractions

Theoretically making it so that

If anyone does a “criminal” act

They will be able to use subterfuge

And implausible deniability to talk

Their way out of it, just like 45

Lie and tell the prosecutor and judge

How great you are and have big hands

Then disparage the district attorney

By taunting tweets and bad vocabulary

Till nothing is really “illegal” anyway

Certainly since the rule of law is

Fading into the atmosphere

Like a fart in a hurricane

Getting to the same point

As if the collective simply

Became tired of the corrupt system

And opted to adhere to the

Laws of nature and gravity

Not place any proof to power

Create a world of understanding

Guidance instead of punishment

And if absolutely a government

Is necessary then use the

Model of meritocracy so that

Everyone here gets to do what

They want because they can



“It’s not a free country. You’re born free…

I mean, you are born absolutely free, except for the laws of nature. If you drink, you get drunk. That’s a law. If you get old, you die. That’s a law too. If you sit on a tack, you will bleed from the ass.

These are the only laws they that you’re born with. And any kind of government just #ucks you out that type of freedom”

– Doug Stanhope


Unless of course you “lead” the

government, then apparently you

Can do whatever you want with impunity


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