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Worth Repeating?

February 21, 2018

Is anything worth repeating

If it falls on deaf ears?


Complaining of all the violent

Gun deaths in recent years


With all the coverage, sobbing and

Shouting we know congress hears


Bought off and stymied as

Soon as that NRA check clears


If only there was oil

under those kids feet


Could have sent in the army

Find the alleged terrorist to retreat


They say the problem is too big

Something they can not defeat


Probably cause they’re busy counting

Money in their accounts so repleat



Brace yourself the script is set

It will not be about the gun


Rather the mental health

Of those in the nation


Will get the same lip service

And nothing will get done


Maybe cause everyone’s

Wound up, not having any fun


People want the violence to stop

That is the reality


What about the perpetrator who is

Scheduled to get the death penalty


Oops there I go again

Always thinking of the duality


If I was a real writer then this

Would be a poem in actuality




From → dark, humor, kids, Paradox, random

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