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Listen Up

February 22, 2018

I suspect that unless you are in a deep meditative state, focusing on hearing your heartbeat, feeling your lungs expand and contract. Recognizing, the fire in your belly is the metaphorical equivalent of the earth’s inner core, burning at 10K degrees Fahrenheit.


Listening is a passive act


Listening Session goes sterile.


As for the optics of Donald’s faux concern, the only way he could have done less, would have been tantamount to doing nothing.

Like the neighbor paid for wall, the repeal and replace of the ACA, (which was more disemboweled than healed) the yet to be implemented sanctions, or the saved Carrier jobs, need I carry on?

Although in fairness, he did make the billionaires more billions. Only saddling your kids and grandkids with the tab.

Not to shabby for his first year.


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