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Obstruction Of Just Us

April 20, 2018

By way of collusion

Through the media

Blocking us from

Knowing our true selves

The one that understands

The system is broken

Unhinged from an

Enlightened reality

We could experience

If invisible obstruction

was not pressed

Against our psyche

24/7 and 365

From birth to death

Accepting that the

The Rule of law

Is for us and does

Not apply to them

Having tamped down

The spirit of revolution

In the conformity complex

Of the good guys

Versus the bad guys

With the puppeteers

Pulling the strings

Their hands up our backs

Turning our head

Towards every distraction

Knowing any collective

Pause would ignite

The smoldering tinderbox

Into a divine awareness

That we are all one

Obliterating all obstruction

To appreciate our true

Nature of being human

With so much to offer to

Our neighbor as ourselves



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