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Bowling For Congratulations

June 5, 2018


If the bowler up before you throws

A slow, but deliberate strike and

Confidently returns to their seat

Because it is no longer their turn

Then you get up and watch the

10 Pins fall because you stepped up

You do not get the credit for that.


Regardless of where you stand and

Tout the accomplishment as yours

Telling teammates to take the big X

Because the economy is buying drinks

And the other team will ignore you

Since they are getting drunk to forget

How obnoxious you have become

Distracting them with NFL stories

And the fence you intend to build

You say your neighbor is paying for


Though to all, the truth is known

As it’s obvious you have no balls


Where this should have quit rolling

It gets dark in the back of the alley


“There is time to be dainty and there is time to be a pig”

– Doug Stanhope’s Mother


Proven easily as the only place you

Usually reach to grab has one hole


Hopefully this is one collective hangover

That when we recover from we will quit

Drinking and never bowl with that guy

Should probably dump that game anyway


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