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No Bell

June 11, 2018

No Bell

Need be rung.

Regardless the mindless chants (No-bel, No-bel, Nobel, Nobel) of the easily manipulated, who must also believe in Tinker Bell, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Dumbo’s magic feather.

Those, that can also be easily caught up in an Orwellian two minutes hate of “lock her up”, “lock her up”, shift easily like a well oiled weather vane in a light breeze.

If you broker a “peace” deal through insults, arrogance, manipulation, hyperbole and fear, that, is neither peaceful or a deal. Merely an optics moment of one tyrannical bully out maneuvering another tyrannical bully.

Not to mention, 45 hasn’t even gotten involved yet. Save being in the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” category.

As his rhetoric was putting the south in a perilously precarious position of being circumstantially wiped out, by geography.

Laying out his mad man prick waving, “my nuclear button is bigger than your nuclear button” adolescent small dick fear insecurities.

A petulant president vs. “Rocket Man”

Like the presidential peace prize recipients Roosevelt, Wilson, Carter and Obama, who could also, all have been charged as war criminals ought not to have gotten any prize with the word “peace” in it.

“Perhaps the most profound issue surrounding my receipt of this prize is the fact that I am the commander-in-chief of a nation in the midst of two wars,”

– Barack Obama


Perhaps 45 should be given * “the all-being master of time, space and dimension” award.

Then he could retire, having accomplished everything possible that is possible, go home and go golfing.

Wear an “I made the cosmos great again” hat. Putter around on a golf cart. Call his “friends” @ Fox who won’t have to kindly kick him off the air to salvage his reign.

Granted, we will have Pence for a while, but methinks he at least has a functional vocabulary.

Will probably be just as entertaining politically, and selfishly, my ears might stop bleeding from my cranium cringing at 45’s dull deceptive diabolical dialogue.


* Inspired by Steve Martin’s bit on goals.


“You gotta have a series of smaller goals, that you can accomplish, and slowly work your way up. And this is what I have done.

That’s why I’m so happy.

My goal: right now, I want to be the all-being master of time, space and dimension.

Then, I want to go to Europe – I think.”


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