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There Is A Chance

October 2, 2018

That 45 is not only playing

4 or 5 dimensional chess

Perhaps even playing

Multi-dimensional or even

Inter-dimensional chess

And that we are such

Mindless simpletons

All we perceive is that

We are watching checkers

Frustrated in our ignorance

That it appears that the

Bumbling bogus billionaire

Lies, misdirects deceives

Constantly presents shiny

New objects to distract us

From our awareness that is

Accurate and spot on of

Him being a useful tool

Of the celebrity enamored

The impossible perceptions

Gee, if only I could make

That much money

Have that much “power”

I too could do

Whatever I wanted

Well people can’t

There are too

Many strings attached

To that puppet

Invisible ties

To make movements

Your savored soul

Would not allow

But to some degree

The collective

Has created that

Negative “Energy” being

Much like Ray did

In “Ghostbusters”

(Yes I know it’s a movie)

On the outside as the

Jolly larger than life

Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man

A character you could trust

Disguising as Gozer

Based on one’s projections

Yet, is an archetypal example

Of how we personify

Our base fears as

An outward reflection

Of ourselves as a means

To view aspects of our “self”

That we identify with

And ruminate in to

See our own darkness

That is in some serious

Need of light and love

Can go about changing it

If we only can take that



What we manifested

As some sort of

Crescendoing alarm

To be gently

Awoke to

Before the real

Shit hits the fan

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