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Unknowable, Save For

October 24, 2018

The fact is, that what we

Think we know, we don’t

Even on a good day

Everything is assumed

True or false

As to one’s perception

To be factual or not

May just depend on what

You see or hear first as

Whether you buy it

Permanently or

Question it extensively

How it is presented

Or who is representing it

No media has ever been

An arbiter of truths

All the way back to

Cave paintings and

Smoke signals

Hieroglyphics and

Stone tablets

Regardless the medium

It will change

9 ways from Sunday

Leather to papyrus

Scrolls to flats

Parchment to paper

Loose to bound

Books to libraries

Pencils to crayons

Quills to pens

Letters under presses

Information over heads

And yes it can be printed

Even if it is not true

Radio to telephone

TV to satellites

Broadcasts to bytes

Reliability is worlds apart

Chasms of confusion lie

Between intention and perception

Clarity and misunderstanding

Content and context

Shouts and whispers

Making everything


Save for what is indelibly

Etched in your heart

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