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Tone Deaf

November 13, 2018

If you can willfully choose to “tone it up” when you can knowingly “tone down” your rhetoric and choose inciting the degradation of civility.

You are not a leader. You are a narcissistic nincompoop that is so self serving it is incomprehensible you still have a job.

Perhaps it is just a matter of him wanting to be a glaringly obvious grandiose narcissistic archetypal example of the “Peter Principal”.

“The Peter principle states that a person who is competent at their job will earn promotion to a more senior position which requires different skills. If the promoted person lacks the skills required for their new role, then they will be incompetent at their new level, and so they will not be promoted again.

But if they are competent at their new role, then they will be promoted again, and they will continue to be promoted until they eventually reach a level at which they are incompetent.

Being incompetent, they do not qualify to be promoted again, and so remain stuck at that final level for the rest of their career (termed “Final Placement” or “Peter’s Plateau”).”

– Wikipedia

“Peter Principle”
Book by Laurence J. Peter


Since it never seemed like he really wanted to be president, simply rose to a level of incompetence and stayed there.

Apparently the Republican star#uckers are turning away both blind eyes to all his bad behaviors. Riding some, practically demonic coattails for some reason they can’t let go. Regardless how hot it gets.

Likewise his base, still defending the indefensible. What is indefensible? If you would not behave exactly the same way in similar circumstances doing what he does, would be impossible to defend.



“Starfuckers, Inc.”

“my god sits in the back of the limousine
my god comes in a wrapper of cellophane
my god pouts on the cover of the magazine
my god’s a shallow little bitch trying to make the scene

I have arrived and this time you should believe the hype
I listened to everyone now I know that everyone was right
I’ll be there for you as long as it works for me
I play a game
it’s called insincerity

starfuckers, inc.

I am every fucking thing and just a little more
I sold my soul but don’t you dare call me a whore
and when I suck you off not a drop will go to waste
it’s really not so bad you know once you get past the taste, yeah

starfuckers, inc.

all our pain
how did you think we’d get by without you?
you’re so vain
I bet you think this song is about you
don’t you?
don’t you?
don’t you?
don’t you?

now I belong I’m one of the chosen ones
now I belong I’m one of the beautiful ones”
– Nine Inch Nails

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