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World’s Greatest Broadcaster

November 24, 2018

Hannity is probably the world’s greatest broadcaster simply for being able to speak so clearly while his lips are firmly planted between 45’s ass cheeks.

Tongue deep in the con artist’s colon, so far up, he can whisper to the inside of his ear. Talented, like one of those ventriloquist who can drink a glass of water and still “talk” through the dummy.

Which is relatively accurate as there is no context to his content other than slathering sweet nothings to 45 while still decrying over Hillary’s emails, yet not Eve Anka’s.

Maybe his show should be called the dizzy zone since there is so much spin, one gets woozy, within seconds the channel has to be changed or falling out of your chair is inevitable.

Rumpelstiltskin couldn’t spin that much manure thick straw into gold.

Carlson and Ingraham are not far behind as propagandists and sensationalists for their blatant baby billionaire bias.

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