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Clichéd To Death

November 26, 2018

Overhead someone say

They needed

To add that

(Whatever “that” was)

To their “bucket list”

Which has only been around

For about 12 years

And it is time to bury it

In the shallow grave

It deserves


Must just be my contrarian nature

To question nearly everything

Maybe I’d be embarrassed to share

Some superficial project or task

That might somehow complete me

As a person before I “kicked” the bucket

Thinking instead of what I really need is

Is a “moment” list

One that can’t be printed

Added to or be crossed off

Just cherished

From moment to moment

Every breath

Each laugh

All smiles

Kind gestures

Loving remarks

The moments on a path

That there is absolutely

No clue how

Long or short it is



“There is only this moment”

– Bill Hicks


“Live each day as if it were your last”

“One day you’ll be right’

– Hal Roach


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    Nice blog


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