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Lie Back / Problem Solved

January 7, 2019

All the posturing and grandstanding is keeping nearly 1m people out of their indentured servitude (employment).

Furloughing the wrong federal workers, when around  535 + 1 would have done the trick. So the rest of the country could easily go about their meaningful lives.

So Nancy and Chuck here’s the plan. Take a page from the perjurious petulant presidential petty playbook.


Tell 45, you’ll set up a super special secret meeting that not only are you going to fund his “wall”. For the optics of him being the great negotiator, make it 10 billion. Besides, he’ll sign anything as it is apparent, he can’t read.

Let him know it will be a see through wall, arrange to meet him at a specific place at the border. Hire a few hundred Mexican mimes, “attempting” to hurdle and climb this extremely “clear” wall.

Video record all of this “Candid Camera ” / “Punk’d” style. Let him go on “Faux and Enemies”, brag how he not only got funding for the wall, he doubled it.

Approved the prototypes and it will be a very fast process and will be done in a few weeks to erect this big, huge, the best, greatest incredibly transparent barrier all along the 2300 miles. (Part of which was stolen in the first place.)

This of course will be an exit strategy and a dilemma, for it may suffice his base, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, semi aware, that the emperor has no clothes.

He will lose his tool of distraction. Which, when the “real” footage is played globally on CNN that there “really” is no “wall”.

45 can kick, scream and whine that the “dems” colluded with Mexico to deceive him, his base, Ann and Rush.

To which Nancy and Chuck can repetitiously regurgitate and repeat, there was no collusion, even though the “evidence” shows otherwise.


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