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Running Against The Wind

January 30, 2019

A follow up to “Running On Empty”

Part 3 of my presidential platform.

“I Would Run”

“Against the wind
We were runnin’ against the wind
We were young and strong,
We were runnin’ against the wind”

– Bob Segar

“If voting made any difference….. they wouldn’t let us do it.”
― Mark Twain

“I’m glad mushrooms are against the law, because I took them one time, and you know what happened to me?

I laid in a field of green grass for four hours going, “My God! I love everything.”

Yeah, now if that isn’t a hazard to our country … how are we gonna keep building nuclear weapons, you know what I mean?

What’s gonna happen to the arms industry when we realize that, WE’RE ALL ONE?!”

– Bill Hicks

Speaking of the arm industry. My perception is that humanity has evolved past the need for war.

Or as Dennis Miller used to say.

“It’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.”

Or to take a line from Doug Stanhope.

“If it didn’t exist, would you invent it?”

War, that is.

Of course not. The whole planet is conquered, in more ways than one.

So…now that we know that and realize the bank draining, soul sucking, life destroying activities of the military industrial complex, it is time to transform the swords into plow shares and other useful things.

“The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base outside Tuscon, Ariz., is where old planes go to die. More than 4,000 military aircraft are parked on the base, from B-52s to stealth bombers, where they are salvaged for parts and broken down for scrap. It’s one of the most popular satellite pictures online, making guided tours of the area a hot ticket.

See the airplane graveyard on Google Maps.”

“Time” Magazine

At a minimum of ten million a piece, that is forty billion tax dollars sitting in the sand. A wasted cog in the wheel of the military industrial complex. Built by fear and patriotism, resource theft and imperialism.

That is the unspoken socialism, nobody (especially those faux broadcast consumers) want to really address.

Where taxpayer money is spent arbitrarily keeping people working for the sake of producing widgets (wmd’s) just to keep them busy.

When instead, quite sure we could use alot of it for housing, or buildings and pipelines for water treatment. Food storage and distribution.

Now that I’ve laid out my dopey hopefully funny useless platform, have decided not to run. Knowing that a meritocracy needs no singular leadership.

“Democracy is the worst kind, I am sorry,  but it is. We get to pick our leaders..well…

What if I don’t want a leader? Where does that vote go? I do good on my own, I don’t want to be “led”. Is that freedom?”

– Doug Stanhope


Just a society of people doing what they’d rather be doing. I enjoy being a freight transportation supervisor aka (truck driver) who has the time to think of this and put it to digitized print.

“I Don’t Want To Be President”

“Just after I was born,
my father said to everyone

That I would be the President one day

You’re a natural politician,
boy, get it in your head

And you know that it might
just turn out that way

So through all the years of my childhood
There more important things than to play

I started caring for my country
and my fellow man

And this is what I would always say

I’d say, I don’t want to be President

But I want to help
the poor and the helpless people

I really don’t want to be President
But if I’m elected I promise to be faithful

I graduated college
with my law degree

I was a young man on the move,
they always say

I was helping my community,
committed to the people

I was working as a citizen,
to build a better day

They persuaded me to run for Congressman

They said from Congress
you could do much more good

And you’ve got to have the power
if your changing things

And I was hoping to do everything
I could for the people

I’d say I don’t want to be President

But I want to help the poor and
the helpless people

I really don’t want to be President

But if I’m elected I promise to be faithful

Time is a march
where the powerful are drummers

Big business, big labor, big oil

And soon I was meeting
with the men who ran the country

The men who owned
the sky and the soil

Oh, I became a Senator,
a man to be reckoned with

Playing golf with millionaires,
and speaking on TV

And when they talked of potential presidential candidates

Most often talked about, and most prominent was me

Well, I got the nomination, ran a campaign of conscience

I stood for peace and brotherhood
and for prosperity

And on the day of the election
I went home to my mansion

When the people had spoken,
they’d elected me

But I don’t want to be President”

– Harry Chapin

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