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Content, Context And Intent

February 20, 2019

“Racism, because it favors color over talent, is bad for business.” (and government.)

― Steven Pinker

If society is going to expunge public officials from office for being racist, that is completely understandable.

Is dressing up in black face offensive?


As society sloooowlllllly evolves, was it inappropriate, showing poor judgment, and insensitive.  Yes, yes, yes.

Beyond the knee jerk unexamined reaction though, one ought to take into consideration, the diversity of the staff.

Also review the policies implemented, removed, or unfairly and unjustly enforced.

After all, an elected official may have never put on black face in any context, but may still surround himself with a mostly, all (pink) “white” male cabinet.

Then by executive order, implement an unconstitutional travel ban barring peoples of a specific religion from entering the country.

Likewise creating a bogeyman under the bed (across the border) fearful hysteria to coalesce a boneless base into being ardent supporters.

Because, you know, if Norway was the country at the southern “border” 45 would be declaring a “national emergency” to build a concrete, one way, four lane super highway heading north.

Plus be able to admit through confession that it’s okay to assault women when you have “celebrity” status, and get away with it.

Pile on the executive orders (that he said he’d never need to use) to deny people who have had medical procedures from volunteering to “serve” their country.

Need I go on?

Obviously the politically correct way to get away with continuing to practice blatant racism, religious intolerance, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, treason, stealing from the lower and middle class to give to the rich, sidle up to dictators, despots, autocrats and murderers, then all you have to do, to make that behavior acceptable, is dress up in a blue suit, a white shirt, a red tie and paint on an ORANGE face.

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    Great post


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