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Professional Barn Door Closers

March 23, 2019

That is who we have become

Professional barn door closers

After the dilapidated barn

is vacated of its “precious” horses

Is when we close the doors

Thinking that at least solves the problem

No more no horses will get out

Reactionaries reacting to reactions

For reasons unknown to the reasonable

Wasting creativity geared to react

Instead of creating to create, honoring

What we are told / sold is a creation


How else would any one explain the

*Laminated note in the Vegas hotels

Stating if you leave the Do Not Disturb

Door hanger for two consecutive days

The staff has authorized themselves

To open the door and check for the safety

Of you and the rest of the hotel guests


Who would have thunk that our front line

Defense against the next mass shooter

Would be an apron wearing motel maid

Already given the back breaking tasks of

Cleaning up, after hundreds of guests

Hour after hour day after all long day

Now having to note and track which room

They have been given a reprieve from

In the unlikely event of a trigger happy

Person having to much access to wmd’s

When society could do that instead or at

Least tighten up vague rules of purchase


Deluding themselves that some amendment

Gives them power over an already

Tyrannical government disguised as

A democracy, in appearance & name only

Using the fourth branch known as the media

To constantly keep people distracted

Fighting amongst themselves just to

Instead of finding life affirming solutions

Making sure all of our co space travelers

Have clean drinking water are fed nutritionally

Shoed clothed and housed with proper sanitation


When instead the spacious arguments are over

Who does or doesn’t have the “right” to carry wmd’s

Keeping it an insoluble problem of either or to no end

Like flag burning, abortion or the “legalization” of drugs

Race, religion, sexuality, wealth and social status

Etc. Etcetera blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and blah

* Thank you very much for choosing to stay with us here at the x hotel. Your safety and security is our number one priority, to that end we will conduct a safety and welfare check on all DO NOT DISTURB rooms after the consecutive day of non – service during your stay. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

It used to be kind of fun, when you circumstantially got booked at the end of the long hallway to look towards getting to the elevator seeing what appeared to be doors and lights in an infinite mirror reflection of doors and lights. Get to still do that, however it is clouded with the awareness of keeping ears perked for gunfire and eyes looking for gunsmoke and EXITS.

Where is my amendment to restore that “freedom”?

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One Comment
  1. Whole lotta truth there, my brother. Eliminate the chronic unhappiness and we wouldn’t need, or need to fear, the guns.


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