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May 13, 2019

Flash by rapidly

Colorful and bright

Hues and shadows

Yet the scene only

Slowly changes

Decisions to make

Confront immediately

Not every action

Needs a reaction

Or indecision

Rules each

Passing moment

Left with

No devices

To choose

Right or wrong

Good or right

Bad or worse

Thoughts reoccur

In what my mind

Tells me is my brain

Projected as a

Sensory collector

Of sights and sounds

Taste and touch

Smells and the sublime

For what

No one knows

Memories are veiled

By curtains of

Differing dimensions

Flapping in a

Bemused breeze

Leaving us

Only experiencing

Each moment

Trying desperately

To drop off

Befuddled baggage

In a futile effort

To right

The world

Or perhaps

Write the world


In a crammed cranium

As it would like

It experienced

‘Stead of

Understanding and

Accepting it all

As a speck of dust

From → dark, Paradox, random

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