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The Anatomy Of Anger

June 3, 2019

The truth is tangled

The mind is mangled

The lips purse

The tongue ties

The throat’s parched

The stomach churns

The acids reflux

The nostrils flare

The ears perk

The fists clench

The knuckles crack

The teeth knash

The head bumps

The bones creak

The face flushes

The hair bristles

The voice raises

The eyes pierce

The pupils constrict

The sphincter tightens

The “funny” bone pains

The heels dig

The toes curl

The heart hardens

The blood boils

The veins pop

The lungs expand

The chest puffs

The brow furrows

The temples pound

The arms swing

The hips sway

The muscles tense

The arteries flow

The elbow jabs

The forearm wrestles

The shoulders blade

The foot kicks

The knee jerks

The wrists turn

The finger flips

The nails scratch

The legs firm

The ankle twists

The nose twitches

The hair pulls

The spine tingles

The ego bruises



Is it any wonder

I’m so #ucking


From → dark, humor, Paradox, random

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