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A Step Further

July 10, 2019

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

― Mark Twain



Voting is an outward act

Masking an internal solution

Voting your conscience

Does not require a ballot

Best actions need not be counted

Decency uncompelled by majority

Ethics not determined by committee

Neanderthals didn’t vote

Surviving on nutritious food

With little information

Natural packaging

Lots of clean air and no borders

Creating myths to guide

In a search for meaning

Devolved into religions

Of bogus beginnings

Unlikely endings

Infinite interpretations

Dichotomously incongruent

Purveyors of “laws”

Established by invisible deities

Allegedly written in stone

Making them sound concrete

Transcribed by men

To serve their purpose

Not divinities or transcendence

Of malevolent mortals

Comfortable in the rut

Of trading an eye for an eye

Blindly accepting no progress

Before evolving into economic systems

Forging centers of greed and power

Mostly consume and repeat

Tax spend security and keep

So take it a step further

Be your own leader

Trade with everyone

Open your heart without borders

Create peace never war

Your constitution is more alive

Then decaying papyrus

Sealed under glass

In a nuclear proof vault

To preserve the lie / line

All men are created equal

Not so you would notice

Such as it being “illegal”

To lie to Congress, but

Not illegal for Congress

To lie to the people

The rule of law is merely

A political platform to keep

Humanity’s flock in line

Corralled by a few sheepdogs

A faux focus to follow

As the shepherds know

The rules don’t apply

To the makers of rules



“It is painful to stare openly at ourselves, but it the only way to change the future.”

– James Comey

“A Higher Loyalty”

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