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August 7, 2019

“Every word has power”

– John Trudell


Besides beer and wine

Words are my drug

Taken in large

Or small doses

Always mind altering

Context is the key

The dictionary

Is my main supplier

Merriam Webster

Is his / her name

With backups

Just in case

I need a quick fix

In the moment

That I’m at

A loss for words

Can not spell

Let alone pronounce

Either way

I can imbibe

All I want


No hangover

Or detrimental

Side effects

Save being

Guilty of


With intent

To distribute


Mixed in with

Comas or

Question marks

A series of

Dot dot dot dots

For pause and

Effect / affect

Enhanced with

Exclamation points

To tweak

The experience or

Add a little flavor

Tilting at windmills

F that

I’m hallucinating

At illusions

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