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Out Of Their Minds

October 29, 2019

It is amazing to see and hear

What people are willing to put

Out of their minds

Ones that weren’t very full

In the first place

Those starstruck over stardumb

Ignoring the calamity

Stirred by a “d” class celebrity

Because every one knows

Who’d be in Gitmo

If predecessor 44 did the same

The investigations would be over

The key would be thrown away

Forget crowd size, collusion

Crumpling the constitution

Quid pro quo or numerous blatant

Violations of the emollients clause

He “should” be indicted for

Destroying the English language

Massacring the vocabulary

Speaking like a seven year old

Instead of a seventy year old

So horrific, it makes my ears weep

Contradicting his contradictions

In the blink of an eye

Or is his base just

Out of their minds

From → dark, random

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