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The Sad State

November 6, 2019

Of our collective projection

Beamed onto a

Two dimensional humanoid

Who has no depth

Only columns and ledgers

Seen in black and white

Against a shadowy background

The only other color is red

Blood dripping / gushing

From greedy hands

Dried while lining pockets

At least 41 and 43

Had the audacity to

Conceal their crimes

Under the guise of wars

With most of the “media”

In lockstep with the deception

Now each outlet’s only goal

Is distraction

As it is all fake news

Nary a broadcast

Is intended

To elevate consciousness

Information is for

Information’s sake

Is not news it is

Merely gobbledygook

To keep you suspicious

Of your neighbor




Facts etc.

Latching onto words

With duplicitous meanings

Holding on to the half

That serves one’s own purpose

If it satiates the ego

To believe “one” is right

Or one they wish

To align themselves with

Because the faith

In their internal compass

Has been left in

A sad state

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