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A Rolling Sophie’s Choice

February 7, 2020

Of which of the two

To save your daughter

Or send the other one

Off to certain slaughter

Like a day in the life

Occupied by stress and strife

Like the TV series “24” plot/s

Close to reality it’s not

Filled with anxiety derisions

Benign and dull decisions

Are given the life and death

Importance of life and death

Crafting concrete conclusions

From malleable opinions

Building reinforced mind prisons

Worse yet malignant moles

Churning out convincing polls

Constantly modifying your role

Focused hyperbolic intensity

Over and again leads to insanity

Only expediting soul’s depravity

Presented with useless options

With little or no corroborations

Ingested rhetoric regurgitations

Amazing what they’ll conceive

Repeated again until you believe

By those best equipped to deceive

Easily frightened again and again

By changing the face of bogeymen

Spooked either by a tion or an ism

Scared by immigration and socialism

Not by violence or destruction

Accepting deaths and corruption

Always following wrong instructions

Choices you think you have to make

By talking heads on the take

Are they real or are they fake

Best to ignore for heaven’s sake

Where as just going about your day

It’d be peaceful w/o emotional sway

Just listen to your inner voice

Realize there’s no Sophie’s choice

From → dark, random

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