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Color Our World

February 14, 2020

1-43 White (1789 – 2008) 219 years

44 Black (2008 – 2016) 8 years

45 Orange (2016 – 2020) 4 years

46 Rainbow (2020 – ?)

Go Pete go


If for nothing else

Nothing else at all

At least

The guy can speak


So yes, it is out of

Pure self interest

That my ears will

Quit bleeding plus

Dry up the tears my

Soul’s been weeping

Ok,  that might be a

Little exaggerated

But you get the picture


“It is what makes it scary when you think how old most of the people who run this f@#! %g country are.

There’s a minimum age to be the president, there should be a maximum age to be the president as well.

I wouldn’t mind having a 25 year old president. Sh!# would be weird, but it would at least go forward.

– Doug Stanhope

Mayor Pete 38 (close enough)

Let’s move forward

Not exactly a

Resounding reassuring

Campaign slogan

“Vote for Pete”

“He can speak”


However given the current

Leadership degradation of

Morality, decency, diplomacy

Not using the office for personal gain

It is at least one step above


Any Functioning Adult

” 2020 “


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