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No “One” Is Qualified

February 21, 2020

To lead such a diverse nation

Certainly not the likes of me

I spend my time leading myself

With no followers to guide

As a contrarian individualist

Who pooh-poohs the rules by

Conforming to the axiom

If you don’t do anything wrong

You can not get caught

Inciting peaceful anarchy

A silent revolutionary rebel

Dropping hints of meritocracy

Subtly without subterfuge

Hoping it will catch on as

A means to go forward

Taking experts in various fields

Of different religions races genders

Perhaps fifteen to twenty one

Willing to work together to evolve

All space travelers on the earth ship

So that no “one” advances one agenda

Progressively dismantle the

State run flawed rule of law

Replace w/ compassionate guidance

Starting off with making sure

Everyone on the ship is fed

Has clean livable quarters and

Free to move around the sphere

As it is everybody’s mobile home

Hurling through the cosmos

Realizing there is no separation

From the bloated belly baby

Starving to death of no nutrition

Nor clean water or decent shelter

While some capitalist dines on a

Gold flaked steak and blood red wine

In an ivory tower guarded 24/7

As all become aware no one is qualified

Finally shake the status quo

That never drains the swamp just

Changes the names of the creatures

Followed by an (r) or a (d)

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