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No Difference

February 27, 2020

Save that this perpetual distraction

Did not start with 3000 body bags

After a manipulated election

Dismissing overwhelmingly

“Alleged” proof that 911 “attacks”

Were perhaps an inside job

That jet fuel doesn’t burn

Hot enough to melt steel

Or that a building (7) collapses

As if by magical “fires” and debris

There’s a pattern developing here

Republicans pretend to make a mess

Democrats pretend to clean it up

Meanwhile it is all for show keeping

Audiences at the edge of their seats

Eviscerated of their personal power

As an acceptable par for the course

Because of millennium long

Successive generation indoctrination

Conforming citizens to consume

Instead of healing people & a planet

Oh yeah, there’s no money in that

As divinity is discarded to the dump

How the heck would we exist

If we didn’t buy redundant shit to live

Or hyperbolized fantasy products

That can deliver nothing more than

Cash from your account to theirs

How many more beds or sheets

Do you need before you realize

Why you are not getting any sleep

Will you get any more excercise

On a $3000 coat rack then you would

Walking around the block twice

Or buy that “good habit” toothbrush

To clean the same teeth the same way

For $ 40. when the $ 4. one worked

Just asking since I know no difference

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