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The Glove Illusion

March 23, 2020

No, not the :

“If the glove don’t fit

You must acquit” BS

Rather the latex ones

Where one size

Fits all (sort of)

The latest fashion

In “distancing” from

A beer branded bug

Trending with clerks

Handling filthy money

(Not as in “evil”

Rather, literally filthy)

Or picking up the soda

To “scan” the barcode

Grabbing loose change

From a register

Teeming with bacteria

Like a petri dish of

Commingling cultures

From so many

Ungloved hands

That touched the

Gas pump nozzles

After the key pads

Squeegee handle

Door handle

Cooler handle

Cash or plastic

Key pad for pin #’s

Or plastic pen

I could go on but

You get the picture

Have those gloves

Protected anything

Save one’s


Of an illusionary


That will save a life

One can only


Which is as effective

As thoughts and prayers

No one else contracts

The “Virus”

From → dark, Paradox, random

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