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Genuine Bonafide Hypocrites

March 25, 2020

A splattershot extended rant

However, egotistically a good one

(Depending on taste and discernment)

For months perhaps years

Everyone has heard the

Team Trump automatons

Scream, rant, cry, fb post, including

Mashed up meme’s of malignant

Misinformation musings, blog or

Dispense high minded opinions

Around the water cooler at work

The evil “evil’s” of socialism

Mostly Bernie Sanders socialism

Plus throwing AOC under the bus

How it is wrong, so very wrong

That the government provide

Any kind of assistance

To anyone or anything

For any reason whatsoever

(I guess if peace broke out, we’d have to

Subsidize the military industrial complex)

Now singing the praises

Of Trump socialism

Doling out checks to Americans

Like a pedophile giving candy

To an unsuspecting victim

Luring the masses

Under false pretenses

That these infected circumstances

Make it okay, as long as

Golden petulant boy 45 does it


“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,”

– 45

So glad, I never drank the Kool-Aid

In exchange for Morpheus’s red pill

Strange to hear how wonderful

The “Donald” is for bribing the public

With pennies from –heaven– hell

When ten minutes or so ago

He regurgitated that “America

Will never be a socialist country”

Ooopsie ?!?!

Let me scratch that with my marker

Where are the bootstrapper

Picker uppers now, huh?

“We don’t have people like that in this country; everybody’s at the mall, scratching his ass, picking his nose, taking his credit card out of his fanny pack and buying a pair of sneakers with lights in them!”

– George Carlin

(Planning on using “their” money

Literally “their” money on more

“Armageddon” shopping purchases

Poop paper and pistol projectiles)

Who knew government dependency

Would ride in on a bat soup fed

Trojan horse with a beer branded bug?
First, 43 bailed out the airline industry

Next, 44 bailed out the auto industry

Now 45 is planning on doing both

Guess he doesn’t want to be outdone

Too “big to fail”, my happy ass.

I say F’m, they each had their chance

Flying or driving is neither a right

Nor a privilege foisted on the public

As something they “have” to have

You always hear small businesses

Are the backbone of the economy

Well apparently this is a big FU

To that breaking spinal column

I’m no economist however there is

No way in any rudimentary math

That in most vehicles over $ 50k

With labor material distribution

And a reasonable margin of profit

Can possibly be more than $ 30k

Automatically assembled by robots

Just guessing as I have no clue

As for the airline industry

Flying used to be fun, at least interesting

Now it is just a cattle call round up

Cramming as many bodies into an

Aluminum tube with wings and tires

As inefficiently as possible

Front to back, checking people’s

Politeness and patience

Excuse me, pardon me, ouch, sorry

A ruse in distraction and delay

While luggage is loaded

Which has found a clever way to

Have its own fare paid ticket too

Tapping into additional funds

For being “overweight”, none of

Which affect the safety of the plane

In a world moving so fast that you

Can have stuff delivered yesterday

Maybe slowing down for a train ride

Would soothe the shambled soul

Again, let those industries fail

If necessity is the mother of invention

Clever earthlings, albeit greedy ones

Will come up with alternatives

No one bailed out the

Horse and buggy industry, did they.

No, and aren’t we thankful for that

As for the “anti” socialism crowd

I thought that was to be just a few

Nope, they are going full steam ahead

Into full victim mode as they accept

Their leader has been affected and

Alleged billionaire needs assistance too

‘I’m hurting too’: Donald Trump complains coronavirus is damaging his family business and won’t rule out seeking taxpayers’ cash for his company after Mar-a-Lago closed and his golf courses shuttered


So why not themselves.


Holy WTF?

Genuine Bonafide Hypocrites

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