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Faith & Belief

March 31, 2020

Faith and belief

Are as tantamount

To one word cliches

As luck and coincidence



Faith is hope

With a

Religious disguise

Outcome determined by

Luck and coincidence

Belief is an acronym for:


Yet it is difficult to prove otherwise

For if you believe in something or

Believe something w/o questioning

It becomes petrified as fact and the

Calcified content replaces what is

Indistinguishable from its origins

Save that it is now rock hard and

The manifestation of what it is

Has nothing to do with its formation

Either passed on from

Generations past or

Printed in infinitely

Vague interpretations

“You know there is a living God that will talk directly to you – not through the pages of a Bible that forgot to mention dinosaurs.”

Bill Hicks

What is written in your heart

Supersedes anything that was

Written by men, obviously men

That for a millennia was

Regurgitated orally then

Transcribed variously from

Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek

Then each successive language

Used by those holding the reins of power

A simple tool to manipulate masses

Using fear magic & future threats by

Visible and invisible matchstick men

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