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True Leadership

April 16, 2020

By the way, just a heads up

There is no natural law

Preventing leaders

From stepping up

To do the right thing

It is just that it is

Buried so deep in

Our consciousness

That one thinks they

Have to be elected

To lead

When all that leads to

Is someone promising

That they can lead

Well #uck I could do that

I choose not to, for as much

As I wish not to be lead

The last thing I would want

Is for anyone to follow me

My path, albeit a tad arrogant

Yet probably more gentle than most

Is for me by thinking for me

Choosing a morality for me

One that says be kind to everybody

Regardless race religion geography

Height width gender or wealth

Not one described in a book

That is filled from cover to cover

With impossible contradictions

Murder illegal lest it’s filialcidal

The worst of any possible example

Commanding thou shalt not kill

Then standing behind oh yeah

An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth

Nor adhering to the “Rule of law”

Which seems to favor wealthy

Cash flush connected caucasians

Who if they have enough and

Know the right other pink people

Can actually get away with murder

Usually at the taxpayer’s expense

There is another reason I don’t lead

I get sidetracked too easily having

Started with a perspective on leadership

Then picking on religion and gov’t

As examples of do what I say

Not what I do kind of leadership



“Excited but scary to
Believe what we’ve become

Saints and sinners
Something within us
We are lord of the flies

Saints and sinners
Something willing us
To be lord of the flies”
– Iron Maiden

From “Lord of the flies”

From → Bible, Lyrics, Paradox, random

One Comment
  1. Powerful poem and full of wisdom. And yet somehow, we (meaning enough of us) vote these people into power. It’s collective insanity.


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