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Statute Of Liberty

April 22, 2020

Your liberty was

Compromised at birth

When you entered this

Dimension from the last one

Where you were free

To do as you pleased

Till you chose to enter

This dense dimension

Liberty, my happy ass

Even with the limited

Freewill you do have

It is wasted on either

Conforming or nonconforming

Making moot decisions of

Paper or plastic

Dine in or take out

* “Democrats or Republicans

That is just Coke and Pepsi.

Same crap different can”

Pretending like either is

A viable way to live in

Totalitarianism or socialism

Like one is exercising their

—-God given rights –— oops

Legislated privilege of freedoms

Instead of consciously experiencing

A life to actually affect this life

With matters of real importance

Manifesting a sustainable

Balanced place to live so that

Each successive generation

Has a better happier more fulfilling

Experience on this fragile sphere

To experience liberty for all

The majestic miracle of each

Sunrise and sunset

Inhale and exhale

Awakening and slumber

Not looking over your shoulder

To keep ahead of the jones’s

Only barely able to stay afloat

Dog paddling to survive

Because carrots of opulence

Are dangled to distract and taunt

Not following or opposing

The sheep herder who is

Constantly crying wolf

While slaughtering his flock

To justify that each time

He needs be heard over and again

With awareness comes change

And the ability to break free

Away from the statute of liberty


“And Liberty…

The meaning of Liberty

The dictionary definition…

“Liberty means freedom from government restriction and control”.

Not only do we not have liberty.

Who has less liberty than the children, you make say this. (Pledge)

That’s the irony. They get the least liberty you’ve had it. We don’t have, they got… [??] They can’t do shit.

We got the oldest children in the world in this country.”

– Doug Stanhope


* – Christopher Titus

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