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Reality Check The Time

April 24, 2020

A Martian clock

Is different from our

Ticking, digital or paper

Earth clocks

Likewise our perceived

Gregorian calendar

Or the myriad of other

Previous or overlapping

Created calendars

Tracking something

That doesn’t exist

Giving us a glimpse

Of proof that our


Made it all up

Yet like good soldiers

We follow its orders

Whether we are

Marching single file

Or 8 Billion abreast

There is no

Falling out of line

Only that our steps

Get more stringent

Refined and defined

Beguiled and defiled

Crunching all the while

Down to the last minute

Can you spare a second

To consider that each

New day is another day

To be celebrated

Like it is the last

For one day

It will be

Which will be to late

In time to check reality

From → Paradox, random

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