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King tRump

April 28, 2020

A poor parody

With apologies to Steve Martin’s

“King Tut”


“King tRump”

* the clever capitalization is not mine
I do not recall where I saw it first
To give them proper credit
Normally I use 45 to reference
The current oval office occupant
Butt, to make this work I used tRump


King tRump (King tRump)

Now when he was a young man
He never thought he’d see
(King tRump)

People stay online
To read the boy’s tweets
(King tRump)

How’d you get so orangy?
(Orangy tRump)
Did you steal the money?

Born as a louse
Moved to the White House
(King tRump)
(King tRump)

Now, if I’d known
They’d line up just to see him,
(King tRump)

I’d taken all my money
And bought something for nauseam
(King tRump)

Blurred with reality
(#ucked up tRump)
He’s my least favorite celebrity!

Born as a louse
Moved to the White House
(King tRump)

Reality he’s in denial
(Loco tRump)
The ladies ignore his guile
(Crass tRump)

Talking for a while
(Mockin’ tRump)
A constitution he’s defiled

He gave up his life for power
(King tRump)

Golden idol!
He’s an Enigma

They’re buying you.

Now, when I cry,
Don’t think I’m in a slump,

The last thing i want to be,
Is someone like DJ tRump.
(King tRump)
He coulda stayed at home,
And left us all alone,
His ego is an enigma
Moved to 1600 Pennsylvania
Where he is all alone ah
Has a heart made of stone-a,

King tRump

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