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May 26, 2020

“They” say it is good to

Think outside the box

I would suggest it is better

To think as if

There is no box

Of course when

It is put that way

It still has one

Thinking about a box

Therefore the best way

To put it is




Think about thinking

Think about listening

To the silent voice that

Tells you are thinking

Or perhaps just

Reading you these words

That may later inspire

You to think

Because if you were

Hearing these words

In my voice it would sound

Very Kermit the “Frog”-ish

Wouldn’t that be wild

If while reading these

Or anyone’s

Pixled presentations

One actually heard it

In the author’s “voice”

Just something to

Think about

At least

It will not be about



Thank you for thinking about

Stopping by this blog

Always like to give readers

Something to think about

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