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June 5, 2020

Truth has no source

Let me rephrase that

Truth has no outside source

Truth and its source

Are both inside

Inside of you

With the optics / appearances

Of being hard to find

That couldn’t be

Further from the truth

However one has to clear

Out lots of gobbledygook

Cluttering the cranium

Parental indoctrinations

Religious indoctrinations

Government indoctrinations

Media indoctrinations

Diabolical distractions

As to who you are

And what the truth is / truths are

My perception is that

We are all one

Which on the surface

Makes absolutely no sense

Seeing as how

We are all individuals

Individual sparks of the divine

Lighting up as

One whole divinity

Which is our source

So if you want the truth

Check with your

Inside source


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