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June 10, 2020

 “I think therefore I am.” 

 René Descartes 




I think that I think

But perhaps

I don’t think at all

Maybe, just maybe

I’m programmed

To think that

I think

That would be

A real bummer

Besides it would be

Impossible to prove

Is what I’m thinking

Like thinking

Some people

Don’t think at all

Of course that is

Like a belief

Impossible to prove

As both are in

The confines

Of squishy gray matter

For that matter

As they may be

Thinking more

Than I think I think

Wondering if what

I am thinking

If at all

Or if I just

Write and speak

Again which

Could all be part

Of some useless

Program running

Infected with a

Malignant virus

Causing the software

To question

Its own existence

In realms of

Perceived reality

Like accepting

The color green

As being “green”

It is only that


That is what

We’ve been told

Or read it is

Or at least

That is what

I’m thinking

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