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I Don’t Know

June 17, 2020

“There ain’t a white man in this room that will change places with me — and I’m rich!”

“That’s how good it is to be white.

There’s a one leg busboy in here right now going “I don’t wanna change, I’m going to ride this white thing out, see where it takes me.”

– Chris Rock



I don’t know

What it’s like

To be a black man

Can’t even imagine

Always a target

For a racist

Just for being black

Very difficult to hack

If the role was reverse

Then it’d be perverse

Is it so trite

To be white

That the jealousy

Forgoes human decency?


Behind Brown Eyes

No one knows what it’s like

To be a black man
Except a black man
Behind brown eyes

Pink/white can’t know what it’s like
To be jaded
To be fated
Living daily lives

As the screams
Become deafening
Many ears begin to bleed

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