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The Difficulty

June 27, 2020

Of seperating

Non-reality from


Just establishing a little context.

“What else bothers me?

Mickey Mouse’s birthday being announced on the television news as if it were an actual event! I don’t give a shit! If I cared about Mickey Mouse’s birthday I would have memorized it years ago! And I’d send him a card, ‘Dear Mickey, Happy Birthday, Love George’.
Mickey Mouse- no wonder no one takes our country seriously, we waste valuable news time informing our citizens of the age of an imaginary rodent.”

– George Carlin

It would appear as though some of the acquaintances of allegedly grown adults (which would be more accurate than “friends”) I’ve gathered on Facebook, like to espouse their ignorance by posting memes that declare that they support Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam and have the right to keep and bear arms.

You know, the ones, the Pro-tRump, Pro-gun, Pro-life, Pro-death penalty aka Pro-murder, (how consistent) as long as it’s not “their” “kind” that is getting murdered.

Then, then “they” might actually have something to get “up in arms” over.

Meanwhile, getting all 2nd ammendment righteous over “drawn” cartoons as to whether or not they can be shown on TV anymore as gun owners Elmer Fudd or authority Yosemite Sam.

Besides, if Yosemite Sam “loses” his gun, they might as well draw him without bendable knees too.

On the flip side, I’ve heard ramblings that Paw Patrol (another cartoon) be canceled simply because one of the characters, is a police pup named Chase.

The only way that should happen would be if the police pup’s name was changed from Chase to Neil.

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