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July 6, 2020

Belief must be the glue

That holds an individual

To its caged cranial confines

Questioning those would

Cause them to come unglued

As seen in desperate attempts

By vocalizing or printing them

On screens or near water coolers

In an uncompelled need to

Convince others of their beliefs

Not so much that they exist

Rather that the beliefs are valid

Typically more important

Than other’s benign beliefs

Lately over political ideologies

Which “lives” matter theories

Whether or not masks work

All of which are somewhat

Tangible concepts for discussion

That can be put to the test

Via perceived proof and practice

Dissection and determination

Of observations and outcomes

It is the belief in various

Invisible APAKALOBs

(All Powerful All Knowing

All Loving Omniscient Being)

That seem the most

Present and implausible

Proof of any or many is impossible

To prove those beliefs remain

In the imagination of the individual

How incrementally indoctrinated

They have been since birth

Or discovering the internet

Hoping to find superficial

Surfaces they can adhere to

From → Bible, dark, Paradox, random

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