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Morpheus Please

July 18, 2020

I changed my mind

I want the blue pill

I think maybe I should

Perhaps not I don’t know

The rabbit hole just leads

To another rabbit hole

Only holes no rabbits

Yes, I am seriously considering it

I see all of the other matrix patrons

So happy in their miserable lives

Knowing that they are on

The right side of wrong

But still they have a side

I can already picture myself sitting

In a comfortable bean bag chair

Believing what I’m told and read

That there are good and bad people

That good people go to heaven

And bad people go to hell

Knowing neither exist except In

Some delusional indoctrination of

Mass hypnosis passively perpetrated

Generation after generation because

The “known” is sooooo comfortable

It is much easier to deal with when

Compartmentalized in to either

Black or white, male or female

Rich or poor, laws or anarchy

Democracy or communism

Carnivores or vegans

That there are no in-betweens

Knowing I too can be

Miserable in my happiness

Wait…………..nevermind …………

I just saw a rascally rabbit. I must go

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