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Right Reasons

July 27, 2020

There are no “right” reasons

Only selfish ones as there

Are no reasons whatsoever

Only perceptions that serve

The only moment at the time

For the next moment may

Render the right as wrong

Depending on one’s viewing

From the next moment on

Feeding the cliche that

Everything happens for

A reason

It doesn’t

We are living in a

Chaotic as #$@& universe

There is no reason for it

It just is

Beautiful or ugly

Creative or destructive

Empty or full

Hint (it is more empty)

But because we use words

Instead of our best instincts

External information

Over internal knowing

Aka our head over our heart

Which alone would give reason

To trust ourselves instead of

Government and religion

Mass media and advertisements

Dysfunctional laws and parents

None of which are shining

Examples of healthy behavior

Following the do what I say

Or at least cleverly innuendo

And not what I do mantra

Which are done for all

Of the wrong reasons

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