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Shiny Objects

July 29, 2020

America is like a child

Walking down a toy aisle

With a broke parent

Suggesting the most

Compelling toys

Can be theirs

If they just follow him

Down the aisle

You can have a wall toy

To play with and keep

Out imaginary enemies

A tax break etch a sketch

So you can turn it

Upside down erasing

What was created

Using left and right knobs

Or malignant monopoly

Where everyone runs

Around an endless loop

Paying banks or the tax man

Wherever the random

Roll of the dice lands them

Either in wealth or jail

Only to get to the

End of the aisle

With nothing to see

In the empty cart

Some children hoping

That if they go down

Another aisle for

Four more years

There’ll be more

Great toys to play with

Say maybe operation

Without batteries so

You can win regardless

How much damage

Is done to the patient

Either way, by time you

Reach the end of the long aisle

There won’t be a cart left

To put any toys in anyway

From → humor, random

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