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August 4, 2020

The transformation to socialism

Is occurring under 45’s watch now

While the distraction is focused

On forecasts of what the next

Administration may or may not do

People paid gov’t asst not to work

Violence and unrest in the streets

Stirring protests by those sent in

To incite them and ignite them

Of a proletariat and bourgeois ilk

Impatiently waiting to play with

Stocked up piles of ammunition

That they thought were to be used

Against an oppressive government

Now being used against each other

Triggered by spurious slogans as

Your life matters my life matters

Meanwhile proving no life matters

(Man them sonsofbitches are clever)

Have the populace do the dirty work

Instead of by the jack booted thugs

Projected as the totalitarian state

Always ready to take their guns away

I’m surprised that guns are not being

Doled out to those not wanting them

Just so the state can be entertained

In a pseudo reality show played out

On mass manipulation morose media

Driven to dizzying distractions by

Don’s divisiveness of dastardly deeds

Perhaps since he couldn’t build

A wall at the neighbors expense

He would try to make things here

So bad everyone would return home

Remember these situations are

Being perpetuated on 45’s watch


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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