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August 10, 2020

It is bad enough when

People paint themselves

Into a corner

It is worse when

They have painted


Inside a sphere

In the former

You become aware

That you have your

Back up against

Two walls

At least you know

Where you stand

Whether to wait

Or ruin the paint

Inside the isolated

Concentric sphere

You don’t know

Where you’re at

Or where you can go

So you keep painting

Till you only see

One color to

The point you’ve

Painted yourself

Completely blending

In to your surroundings


Categorized into groups

You can guess what

Color is being painted

In each scenario

Blue into the corner

With no patience yet

Afraid to ruin the paint

Red in the sphere as

That is the only color

They see anyway

With an orange speck

Floating around with

A disembodied voice


You missed a spot

Me. I hate to paint

From → Paradox, random

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