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The Announcement

August 17, 2020

Was barely made

As alleged Christians

Were writing and memeing

New ways to hate

Seriously doubt that

Is what Jesus would do

But that is not their leader

It is….well… know who

Tearing Kamala apart

With the ever growing

Target of misogyny

And white hot hate

Myself only having

A peripheral awareness

Of that Jesus fellow

Despite what many merikkkans

Would like to believe that

Based solely on the geography of

Where he was historically born

Which is Bethlehem in Palestine is

Chock-full of brown people. Hmmm.

Guess what color Jesus would be

He wasn’t born in Bethlehem Norway

Or from Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Some need to learn who they believe in

Instead of convincing them selves

Jesus was a blue eyed

Light skinned saviour

From Europe who spoke English

Wrote the 2nd amendment

Though that language didn’t

Appear until long after he left

Whoops got sidetracked :

In all fairness

I barely know the guy

Perhaps there is an

Adaptable Jesus

Or a different one

From the one described

In a best selling book

That I understand

To be one of a few

Masters of wisdom

Sent to inspire earthlings

To live in harmony based

On various teachings.

If one praises Jesus

Or tout belonging to

A group identifying

As Christians

For his behavior of

Forgiveness and

Loving all humanity

Teaching righteous ways

Healing the sick

Feeding the hungry

Helping the poor

Guiding and sharing


Nothing like that at all

Even remotely close

Wouldn’t that be






Did he ever use a gun

Or even carry a weapon

I am guessing not as he

Had provable faith there

Is no such thing as death

If this shit keeps up

Perhaps that Christ energy

Will have to reappear

To remind the followers

What they are actually

Supposed to be doing

Which I seriously doubt

Would be focusing on Kamala

As an extended version of

George Orwell’s two minutes hate

Splattered all over fb and

Whispered near water coolers

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One Comment
  1. I love this, Angelo. The disconnect is disorienting. There’s a virus of madness in pews.


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