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All About Freedom

August 24, 2020

How can you be free

If you have attached youself

To a perception of freedom

That has you locked into

A concept that confines you

True freedom would be and is

Impossible to define for as soon

It has a definition for what it is

It is no longer freedom

Therefore like everything else

Freedom is a product for sale

An invisible intangible product

Sold at great expense over and over

Either of which can be sold as

Brand spankin new or “as is”

Most everyone is willing to buy it

Some even trade their lives for it

Because they are sold it will bring

Honor to them enough so that they

Will be dead unable to experience it

Is that freedom?

Freedom’s other strange attachment

That having money “buys” freedom

Immediately it is chained to the

Enslavement required to labor

To try and attain it.

Is that freedom?

Also that it can be obtained by a gun

By threatening or eliminating a foe

Defending stuff that can be replaced

Is that freedom?

Who would have thunk

That these variety of words

In that particular order above

Woulg have built up a

Head full of steam to

Carry out a ridiculous rant

Here goes

You are not free

You are attached to…… your name

Clinging to your family’s heritage

Tied to learned religious beliefs

Held to the ever present notion that

You have to produce and consume

In order to be socially acceptable

You are trapped inside a body

That metabolizes nutrition at its rate

Not the rate you might will it to as it

Decides it needs to as it wants to

Burn calories and discharge waste

You are connected to your

Appearance as to who you think you

Know and to who you think you are

Reflections in a mirror

Notwithstanding what you see

Your ability to communicate typically

Is restricted to one language

If English, the parameters are

Limited to just twenty six letters

Regardless the language there

Are only ten numerical digits

Globally used to calculate time

Of when you need to be where

Dictating your whereabouts

While you have the egotistical

Audacity to celebrate freedom

Should you actually free yourself

From all of those ties that bind

Your name heritage and beliefs

It is still very unlikely that you can

Escape from the prison of your ego


Speaking of ego……


I’m going to quote myself……twice



“Freedom is the measurable distance, between you and your watch, wallet, phone & keys.”

– me


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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