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August 26, 2020

It is just a mask

Now required

Like shoes and shirts

Before entering

An establishment

It is the decent thing

To do for all of the

Homebound earthlings

Perhaps the goofballs

That opt not to wear masks

Do so because they can not

Stand the stench of the

Bad breath generated by

Their own verbal diarrhea

Going on inside their head

Regurgitated by rhetoric

Reiterated by the not so “right”

Cause you know the

Reverse would be true

Had their failed and failing

Cult leader pushed it as a good thing

You know like poisoned Kool-Aid

Not quite back to Jonestown yet

They’d be wearing one too

As would all w/o opposition

But that would prove it is

Not political just the

Best thing to do

It’s not anything about

A curtailed freedom

Otherwise the restriction

On shirts and shoes

Body odor and inebriation

Would disappear

So play along until Corona is gone

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